April 4, 2017

The American Sports Medicine Institute is Recruiting Youth Baseball Pitchers


The American Sports Medicine Institute is Recruiting Youth Baseball Pitchers

To participate in a research study, sponsored by Major League Baseball, to determine how different mound heights affect the pitching biomechanics of youth baseball pitchers.

Who may participate?       

Youth Baseball Pitchers 12-13 years of age
Must have played during the past 12 months                                                   
No injuries during the past 12 months

What is required?

  • A one time, one hour visit to the ASMI Biomechanics Lab located on the campus of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama
  • A biomechanical evaluation during which you will throw 5 pitches from each of the following:
    • 46 feet from a 10” mound
    • 54 feet from the flat ground
    • 54 feet from a 6” mound
    • 54 feet from a 10” mound
    • 60.5 feet from a 10” mound“

There is no cost to your participation. Participants will receive a copy of their high speed video and a copy of their biomechanical evaluation.

For questions or to enroll, please contact

• Alek Diffendaffer - Phone: 205-918-2119; Email: AlekD@asmi.org or
• Brett Ivey - Phone: 205-918-2150; Email: BrettI@asmi.org