April 21, 2022

The Boston Globe - If Patriots target a receiver in draft, Alabama’s John Metchie has a lot going for him


The Boston Globe's Jim McBride, beat writer for the New England Patriots, recently spoke with Dr. Lyle Cain to get his insight on former Alabama receivers, John Metchie and Jameson Williams going into the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft.

The Boston Globe

By Jim McBride

It was a cruel case of déjà vu.

Alabama receivers John Metchie and Jameson Williams suffered eerily similar noncontact ACL tears in back-to-back games last season.

Crimson Tide fans first watched in horror as Metchie went down in the SEC championship-game victory over Georgia. The faithful then were aghast as Williams crumpled to the turf early in the national title game loss to the Bulldogs.

Despite the significant injuries, the man who was first on the scene said the prognoses for Metchie and Williams are positive. Both are still expected to be early picks in the NFL Draft later this month.

“Both had very similar injuries mechanism-wise, and also structure-wise,” said Lyle Cain, an orthopedic surgeon at the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center and Alabama’s team doctor. “Both tore their ACL about a month apart, planting to cut, noncontact.

“In some cases, ACLs, the ones where you get hit in the.."

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