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Knee Replacement (Total)
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I’m almost 72 now, and very modestly state that younger men can not believe my physical condition and abilities. Most men at my age would have taken pain medication, changed careers, started taking it easy, so forth and so on.

In early 2011, at the age of 64, I could barely walk. While reviewing the MRI of my left knee, Dr. Benton Emblom stated "I don't know how you walk at all, this is bone on bone." I asked if he could do the surgery the next day, a Friday. Dr. Emblom quickly shot back that the next Monday was the best he could do.

Dr. Emblom performed total knee replacement on Monday morning and I returned to work Thursday afternoon as a construction superintendent on a large school build project. I was walking again and without pain. Dr. Emblom did his part, so I had to do mind. Rehab was very difficult, but life can be that way.

After physical therapy I never looked back. I've had 100% use ever since. To this day, I am still running big construction projects. My job requires me to walk several miles per day and I average 12 flights of stairs per day.

During the summer of 2012, my hip hurt so bad I was walking less and less. My quality of life was very low. I once again came to Dr. Emblom, but he looked at the MRI and Dr. Andrew Cordover was consulted.

The next Monday I had partial disc removal at L4, checked out hospital Tuesday noon and returned to work Wednesday morning. I received Immediate relief and recovery to better than ever quality of life.

Lastly, I hope your "Regular Joe" patients realize you perform the same miracles on old carpenters as well as super athletes. I'm not ready to quit, but I really do hope your services are not needed by me again.

"See you soon" is not in my plans! 

Getting older is not as bad as some want you to think! :)

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Andrew M. Cordover, MD, MS
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Benton A. Emblom, MD
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