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My story begins in my early 50's when I began to have left hip pain. I sought conservative treatment that included physical therapy and injections. It did not take me long to realize the injections only helped for a short period of time.  After receiving my last injection, with absolutely no pain relief, I knew I had to seek a permanent solution.
I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Davis after a consulting visit with Dr. Emily Bell Casey. I met Dr. Davis to confirm what I already knew.  At age 55, I needed to have a total hip replacement as the only long-term solution to my pain and limited mobility.

I chose Dr. Davis after reading reviews similar to the one I am posting. Katie (his PA) and Dr. Davis give you a calmness and factual information before heading into this major surgery. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Dr. Davis prayed with me and for me prior to surgery. Need I say more about the person much less the doctor?

The surgery was scheduled a few months out to prevent my recovery from interfering with my Auburn Tigers football season. I recovered from surgery better than our season!! The compassion and care I received during the surgery and post-surgery makes it this easier to tell my story.

At age 55, it was quite the challenge each day to get dressed. Five short weeks post-surgery I can tie my shoes, put on my socks, slip into my pants and even take walks with my wife without excruciating pain. Yes, simple things to many but with a hip joint that had suffered from years of arthritis they were impossible tasks to perform. Now I can successfully make them all happen! 

Looking back I probably should have had the surgery much sooner. I would highly recommend having the surgery sooner rather than later.

Thanks to Dr. Davis, Katie and the rest of the team for giving me a great start for the rest of my life!

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