February 8, 2022

ABC 33/40 - Dr. Ricardo Colberg Discusses Common Shoulder & Elbow Injuries


Thank you to ABC 33/40's Cynthia Gould for providing Dr. Ricardo Colberg the opportunity to participate in her Living With Pain Series. In the segment, Dr. Colberg discusses the most common shoulder and elbow injuries and treatment plans available to help patients successfully overcome their injuries. 

Dr. Ricardo Colberg is a non-surgical sports medicine & orthopaedic physician who treats patients at our Birmingham and Pelham locations.

Dr. Colberg has a special interest in treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, including bone, joint, ligament, muscle and tendon injuries. He performs various treatment modalities in the clinic that assist the patient in their recovery from the injury, among them diagnostic musculoskeletal sonography, ultrasound-guided injections and percutaneous trigger finger release.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Colberg, click here or call (205) 939-3699.