September 10, 2021

Dr. Norman Waldrop - Victory Over Injury Podcast


In episode #12 of the Victory Over Injury Podcast presented by Andrews Sports Medicine, Dr. Michael K. Ryan takes a special deep dive into the life, career and experience of Dr. Norman Waldrop, orthopaedic surgeon at Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

From an early start in his career, Dr. Norman Waldrop has followed a course paved by few before him, but those who precede him have changed the course of treatment for foot and ankle injuries.

Dr. Waldrop has cultivated and deployed his knowledge and implemented his experience to become a force in the world of foot and ankle surgery, and in particular foot and ankle sports medicine.

He is a board-certified surgeon in foot and ankle surgery, a recipient of numerous academic awards and grants, has published book chapters and peer-reviewed articles, and is an educator and faculty member at the American Sports Medicine Institute, where he trains surgical and non-surgical fellows.

Dr. Waldrop is a crucial part of the medical teams for The University of Alabama, Jacksonville State University, Samford University, Troy University, Tuskegee University, the University of West Alabama, Birmingham-Southern College and Homewood High School.

He has surgically repaired some of the most famous ankles in recent history, including Kenyan Drake, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jaylen Waddle, to name a few.  

An energetic innovator, brilliant surgeon, empathetic team physician, caring dad, exceptional athlete, and rising star. Without further ado and pleasure, Dr. Norman Waldrop.

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A special thank you to our producer, Ed Hill, and our intern, James Harris, UAB School of Medicine (Class of 2023) for helping make this podcast series possible.

Episode Notes

  • 00:04:00 – Tiger Woods accident, injuries & recovery
  • 00:07:40 – Ankle & foot anatomy, including common injuries
  • 00:11:19 – Growing up in Mobile, Alabama
  • 00:13:40 – The impact of Coach Kemper Todd at UMS-Wright
  • 00:15:15 – His parent's influence on his life
  • 00:18:49 – Undergraduate years at the University of Virginia
  • 00:23:25 – Medical school at UAB & meeting his wife
  • 00:25:25 – Decision to pursue orthopaedic surgery
  • 00:27:11 – Residency at Carolinas Medical Center (Charlotte, NC)
  • 00:31:00 – Influence of OrthoCarolina's Dr. Hodges Davis, Dr. Robert 'Bob' Anderson & Dr. Carroll Jones
  • 00:32:30 – Overview of foot & ankle surgeon sports medicine-focused sub-specialty
  • 00:34:08 – Fellowship with Dr. Thomas Clanton in Vail, Colorado
  • 00:37:28 – Treating Eddie Lacy & returning to Birmingham, Alabama
  • 00:40:20 – Relationship with Kenyan Drake
  • 00:48:55 – Tua Tagovailoa & treatment high ankle sprains
  • 00:52:50 – Arthrex TightRope surgical procedure
  • 00:55:50 – Management of high ankle sprains & indications for surgery
  • 01:03:11 – Cartilage damage in high ankle sprains
  • 01:04:57 – “This one is for the National Championship” – Dr. Lyle Cain
  • 01:08:41 – Common “on-the-field” sports injuries
  • 01:09:50 – Management of a ruptured Achilles tendon
  • 01:13:58 – "Favorite" surgical procedure
  • 01:15:06 – Arthroscopic management of ankle injuries
  • 01:17:37 – Saving an LSU police officer’s life
  • 01:21:55 – Passion for coaching basketball
  • 01:22:48 – “You stand on the shoulders of giants”