May 16, 2024

WWE Superstars Show Gratitude Towards Dr. Andrew Cordover


Andrews Sports Medicine has had a decades-long relationship with WWE. Our practice is grateful for the trust WWE leadership has placed in our team of doctors to treat their talented athletes. 

Dr. Jeff Dugas serves as WWE's Associate Medical Director and manages the overall orthopaedic care of WWE athletes treated at our practice.

Two WWE athletes, Ivar and Wes Lee, recently publicly showed their gratitude towards orthopaedic spine surgeon, Dr. Andrew Cordover, and our practice for the care and compassion provided to them during their road to recovery and Victory Over Injury!

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2024
During a recent WWE NXT match on USA Network,  The Viking Raiders' Ivar and Wes Les gave a "shout out" to Dr. Cordover during their match.

Following an appointment with Dr. Andrew Cordover, Wes Lee graciously shared his experience at Andrews Sports Medicine.